10 September 2011

Off to Madrid.

I'm off to Madrid in a week, staying in this beauty of an apartment in the center of town.

7 September 2011

5 September 2011


RIP, Central Saint Martins at Charing Cross. At least we had a hell of a party.
  • Unlimited Vodka in every flavour under the sun
  • Monster Munch
  • Live set from Pulp
  • Haribo

From my last project of the year.

KTZ S/S 2011

Charlie Le Mindu Show S/S 2011

24 February 2011

Trashy Lingerie

Some work inspired by the recent Rob & Nick Carter exhibition on Bond Street. The exhibition comprised of Las Vegas neon signs imposing on blown up postcards.

Jeremy Scott A/W 2011

As per usual, Jeremy Scott presents one of my favourite shows from the New York bunch. Just on that perfect line between tacky and acceptable. Or not so acceptable?

Feelin' Shirty.

Initial sketches from the Shirt Project. I find i draw better after a bottle.
Just found some old doodles from back when all I would eat was super noodles. Thank the lord I can stomach more than just them these days. New Masterchef tonight at 9.


No work left to do, beer in hand. Fancy a smoke?

White Project

A selection of some sketchbook work during my first CSM task, The White Project based on frames (Traditional border lines).


From Berlin Ist Arm, Aber Sexy, a summer project before starting at Central Saint Martins.

Catholic School Girls Rule

Final photographs from my Catholic School Girls Rule capsule collection